Meet the veterinary team of Clayburn Pet Hospital in Abbotsford, BC! We’re pleased to provide a variety of services for your pets! Please call us at 604 853 4411 to speak to one of our caring staff members!


  • DrKatz

    Dr. Katz Piller

    Dr Katz Piller graduated with a degree in veterinary medicine from the University of…

    Veterinary Nurse

  • Alanna

    Alanna Petters

    Alanna has been working as a veterinary nurse for the past 14 years.  Previously…

    Hospital Mascots

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  • CPH 2nd Annual Open House


    Dr. Katz's pet and the hospital's mascot.  Below is 10 month old Cedric, Dr. Katz's pet…
  • Izzy


    Dr. Katz's pet and the hospital's mascot. …